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Overtime Grievance by Council 228

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AFGE Local 2959 is conducting an investigation on behalf of Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs) who are located in  Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma   that were improperly denied overtime pay from January 1, 2011 to present.  Attached is a questionnaire for you to complete to the best of your knowledge and ability and return to Local 2959 President at the above e-mail address.  You may either fill in your answers and return it in MSWord, or print it out and return it in PDF format.   Without your information and input, we will be unable to confirm if you have been negatively  impacted and whether you would potentially be entitled to compensation if Local 2959 prevail in this matter.

OT  Questionnaire Form - 20140311 PDF

OT Questionnaire Form-20140311 Word

Court of Federal Claims ruled in Martin v. U.S. that the Government violated the FLSA by not paying minimum wage on employees' regularly scheduled paydays during the October 2013 Shutdown.

AFGE Local 2959 filed Appendix K for the Overtime grievance and Bargaining Unit employees performing higher graded duties.

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