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Welcome Back El Paso

FLRA Rule in favor for AFGE Local 2959 and AFGE Counsel 228.    El Paso Disaster Loan Servicing Center is back in AFGE Local 2959 


Hello, my name is Johnnie Green, Local President of AFGE Local 228.  I represented Local 228 in the development and ratification of the 2013 Master Labor Agreement. I represent AFGE Local 228 members and bargaining unit employees in grievances, unfair labor practices, and EEO filings. I am a facilitator of change and fair labor practices for all SBA bargaining unit employees. I am located in the Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center where I hold the position of Commercial Loan Officer.  I have worked in the Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center for 19 years.  I have 20

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AFGE Statement on OPM EO Guidance

 As a direct result of the American Federation of Government Employees’ lawsuit against three union-busting, democracy-busting executive orders, and the resulting injunction we won in court, the Office of Personnel Management has issued the following guidance:



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Hello, my name is Elizabeth Soliz. I am a Steward with the AFGE Local 228. I work at the SBA Lower Rio Grande Valley District as an Economic Development Specialist for the Corpus Christi Branch Office, in Corpus Christi, Texas. I have been with the US Small Business Administration for 10 years and 5 months starting back in April 2008. In addition, prior to working for the SBA, I worked 15 years with the SBA’s SBDC program at the Chamber of Commerce, Kingsville, Texas and Del Mar College Corpus Christi, Texas.  My professional background includes marketing, counseling, outreach, and training to small businesses. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University Kingsville concentrating in Marketing.  With over 25 years of experience in small business development and economic development for both state and federal organizations, I am motivated to help stop all unfair practices as experienced, and to continue to help build and keep fair, safe, professional, friendly, and productive working environments for all.

Hello, my name is Shawn Petty, I am the 9th District National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinators (NFPAAC).  The NFPAAC were established by Convention action in 1980. The NFPAAC is charged with mobilizing AFGE members around civil, human and workers’ rights issues in their District, and to work closely with National Women's Advisory Coordinators (NWAC) and the National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices to help raise the profile of civil and human rights and strengthen the workers’ rights agenda in their District. We represent members on EEO issues, they monitor trends in EEO laws and regulations, and they may recommend a national action plan for AFGE. They also provide training on EEO issues throughout the District that they represent.

Janelle Jones Union Steward local 228 has been a Lender Relations Specialist in the SBA Wichita District Office since 2012.  She has 13 years Federal experience, all of which is related to either the processing or servicing of various government financing programs and the marketing of these programs. Before starting at SBA, Janelle was employed by USDA Rural Development, as an Area Technician in Newton, Kansas and in North Fort Myers, Florida.  Prior to federal service Janelle worked at Keesler Federal Credit Union in Biloxi, Mississippi for 13 years, starting as a Teller and working her way up to Branch Manager.

Amber GriffithHello, My name is Amber Griffith. I am a  Steward with the AFGE Local 228. I work in the Express Purchase Department as a Loan Servicing Assistant with the Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center, Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have been with the US Small Business Administration for almost two years.  My professional background includes banking and auditing with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration concentrating in Finance.  Experience in both private and government entities encouraged me to join the Union because of unfair practices experienced in the past. I am self-starting and motivated with a passion to work for the public. I look forward in working with you.


Amber GriffithHello, my name is Teri L. Taylor Union steward local 228. I am a Business Opportunity Specialist with the SBA Wichita District Office. I have been with the SBA for 25 years starting back in May 1993. I am located in Wichita, KS. I have been a Business Opportunity Specialist for many years. My Education includes the following:

 1.   Wichita State University, Associate of Science/Legal Assistance, Bachelor of Arts/Psychology

 2.   Webster University:  Master of Business Administration  

My name iss Glen Bates Unionn Steward local 228. After all most nine years in the U.S. Army as a Cannoneer (Field Artillery) and Personnel Management Specialist, my Civil Service career began at MBDA, U.S. Department of Commerce on February 4, 1985. My employment at SBA started on August 13, 1990 at the Dallas Division of Program Certification and Eligibility (DPCE) Unit.  I have been a Program Support Assistant in Lender Relations (formerly Finance Division) from June 17, 2003 until the present.

I am Elodia Castro, a retired employee of the Fresno Loan Sercicing Center.  I worked for SBA for 43 years prior to my retirement and held several positions in several departments  (including management) with the servicing division being the longest with 20+ years.  I experienced a lot of discrimination during those years which led to my desire to not only join the Union but to become an officer as well.  I became the 1st President of Local 1208 (17 yrs) VP Counsel for Region 9, VP for Local 228 and VP for the new Local 228, covering the west coast.  I attended a lot of Partership meetings and various other union meetings and training classes.  I was involved in 2 negotiation teams and I signed the last 2 MLA’s.  This is my 6th year as a retired employee as I volunteer my time to help in any way I can.  I’m a strong advocate of fairness and I detest any form of discrimination.  I’m a fluent Spanish speaker and proud of it.

My name iss Eduardo Maglionee Union Steward local 228. I Graduated from Hendrix College B.A. studied accounting and economics Graduated from Bowen UALR School of Law Been with the agency for 17 ½ years all with the same department. Been a steward since September Bilingual–Spanish & English speaker.

My name iss Charles Davis Union Steward local 2288. I started out in Disaster and worked a flood at New Madrid, MO. Then I worked at the Service Center in Little Rock, AR buying bank guarantees. In May, 2008 I  transferred to the Arkansas District office as Business Development Specialist. Numerous Letters of Accommodation from Mayors, Congressmen, Senators and business owners.

Hi, my name is Theresa Pike, and I have been with SBA, since 7/1995. I started my career in the Fileroom as a GS 2 file clerk, two years later I applied for a term GS - 5, 6, 7 LSA position. I was move to 1502 Colson reporting / collection of disaster loan as a GS 5 LSA, and did that for 13 years. Year’s down the road a Permeant LSA position came along, and I applied for it and got it. As an LSA I have working in many departments: Express purchase 4 years, 504 Purchase 4 years, and now back to express purchase. I have taken the account course Omega as passed. I have taken all training offered in the service center in Fresno, CA. I joined the union in 1999 and quickly became a steward, and then the treasurer of the local 1208. Have served as the treasurer for Counsel 228, and then as acting treasurer for the new local 228. Have a gone to some union training, and served on the 2017 Master Labor Agreement negotiating team.  

My name is Raina Nettless Union Steward local 2288. I served in US Army for 9 years. I work at the National Guaranty Purchase Center in Herndon Virginia. I have been working for the SBA since June 2016. I am a Loan Servicing  Assistant in purchase.

My name is Christie Lewis.  I work as a Loan Specialist in the Birmingham Disaster Loan Servicing Center.  My career with SBA began July 15, 2013.  Prior to working at the SBA, I worked as a Lead Intake Representative (call center) for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for a little over 3 years.  Prior to working for the government I worked in enrollment for a private for-profit university, a fraud investigator for a large bank and as a Personnel Specialist in the U.S. Army.   I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master Degree in Management with a focus in Human Resources.  I joined the union to fight discrimination and for the fair treatment of ALL employees!

Tiffani Shea Clements is a Public Affairs Specialist at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in Washington, D.C.  She has 24 years of federal government service with 18 years of experience in public relations.  She has a wealth of work experience serving as a public relations professional under the Administrations of Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump and has staffed events with President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence.

Ms. Clements holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English from George Mason University and a Master’s of Science degree in Communication Management from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications.

 She is a God-fearing and family-oriented news and sports junkie who enjoys reading, traveling, fitness and fashion.  Ms. Clements was born in Philadelphia, Pa and currently resides in Manassas, Va.

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AFGE Statement on OPM EO Guidance

 As a direct result of the American Federation of Government Employees’ lawsuit against three union-busting, democracy-busting executive orders, and the resulting injunction we won in court, the Office of Personnel Management has issued the following guidance:

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Overtime Grievance by Council 228

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AFGE Local 228 is conducting an investigation on behalf of Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs) who are located in Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma  that were improperly denied overtime pay from January 1, 2011 to present. Attached is a questionnaire for you to complete to the best of your knowledge and ability and return to Local 2959 President at the above e-mail address.  You may either fill in your answers and return it in MSWord, or print it out and return it in PDF format. Without your information and input, we will be unable to confirm if you have been negatively  impacted and whether you would potentially be entitled to compensation if Local 2959 prevail in this matter.

Q Questionnaire Form - 20140311 PDF

OT Questionnaire Form-20140311 Word

Court of Federal Claims ruled in Martin v. U.S. that the Government violated the FLSA by not paying minimum wage on employees' regularly scheduled paydays during the October 2013 Shutdown.

AFGE Local 228 filed Appendix K for the Overtime grievance and Bargaining Unit employees performing higher graded duties.

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